"A Confederate flag" Decoration

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Confederate Flag "Decoration"

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Not meant for outdoor Conditions. 

Highly Recommend Confederate Truck Flag if wanting longer lasting product. 


3' by 5'
Made of southern pride and polyester
Makes Some people cringe but we don't like Political Correctness

If you are looking for a confederate flag for your truck check out https://rebelfourlife.com/products/truck-confederate-flag a thicker more durable flag. 

Display and showcase your love of the South everywhere you go with RebelFourLife's 3' x 5' Confederate Flag! You can wave it, hang it or mount it. Wherever you decide to fly your confederate flag, everyone around you will be fully aware of your unwavering southern pride. Heck, why not get a couple of our confederate

The confederate flag is on sale for limited amount of time. You might only be able to buy a confederate flag for a limited amount of time with our future of our country not being for sure. 

handling- 1-5 days
shipping- 3-6 days
ship monday through friday

No tracking included 

Buy a confederate flag

WARNING: Portion of proceeds will go to my right of the second amendment.

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