Why I call it the Rebel flag instead of the confederate flag

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I’m a true southerner with a confederate flag in my front yard. I like my trucks high and my Rebel flags higher. You will notice I used “Rebel Flag” instead of confederate flag in my previous sentence, we will discuss that further. I’m a true southerner that can see why people see the confederate flag is racist. There are parts of the civil war that neither side can say was not racist. For a true history of the confederate flag check out the Article from historynet.com about the Rebel Flag. I’m not here to defend the confederate flag even though if you think this flag is racist then you should take a good hard look the U.S flag and see neither one have a perfect past. This doesn't mean I dislike the flag, I actually love both flags for two completely different reasons.  The U.S flag is my home, country, and represents a country that keeps improving no matter what. The Rebel flag represents heritage but more importantly the view that the goverment should fear the people. That the people have a voice that's louder and more important than any other. With the largest standing army in the world (private gun owners) we are the most fearsome enemy of the U.S. government. Another reason Trump got voted into office ;).

I call it the rebel flag instead of the confederate flag because I believe they are two completely different things. It helps people to differentiate between the two also. Even though the most commonly accepted confederate flag isn’t even the Confederate flag, just the most popular southern flag. Again check out the history of the Confederate flag also check out wikis Rebel flag article. Now I call it the rebel flag because I don’t believe the people who fly it now a days don’t represent the the southern Union but the people who believe the goverment should fear the people. With many socialist ideas being floated around, that infringe on everybody’s freedom. It is more important than ever that we fly the flag more.  

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